MVP Summit 2011


Testing out my first WordPress blog post after the switch from Windows Live Spaces (sniff, I will miss you) to WordPress.  Regarding the MVP Summit last week, I can’t really talk about much due to just about everything being NDA, NDA, NDA!  I will say that I’m excited about the future of PowerShell!  Probably the most fun part was hanging out with the other PowerShell MVPs for a week.

It seems to me that Microsoft still values their relationship with the MVPs as evidenced by the party they arranged for MVPs last Wednesday:

MVP Summit 20110302-DSC_0052

Yep, that is SafeCo field in Seattle where the Mariners play.  They rented the whole stadium out for the evening!  There where a couple of bands – one called The Beatniks played out near centerfield.  You could run the bases, bat some balls up into the stands. Yeah, it was an awesome party.

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