Episode 147 – The 2011 Scripting Games Champions


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to the winners of the 2011 Scripting Games as well as Ed Wilson and Jeffrey Snover!


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Chatroom Buzz:

[21:54] <+DanielCruz> I learned a TON from comments.

[21:58] <+brwilkinson-1> ## Thanks @Jaykul for Poshcode too. Was a good platform this year and stable enough.
[21:59] <+JHofferle-1> If Perl has "there's more than one way to do it"....what's PowerShell's motto?
[22:01] <+DonJonesMVP> Given that the folks in the chat room are some of the net's biggest voices on PowerShell (blog, Twitter, etc), it'd be nice to hear what some of the biggest BOOs were in the Games. What did people consistently just not get? Because those are the things we need to get the word out about.
[22:11] <+brwilkinson-1> ## @mjolinor yeah that is a good point. I am sure that may have been answered before, however will we ever see PS examples on MSDN?
[22:14] <+ChadMiller> I want a Ternary  operator


[22:16] <+DonJonesMVP> Microsoft Natural Wireless Bluetooth PowerShell Keyboard
[22:27] <+jasonmarcher> PowerShell with LINQ:  http://community.bartdesmet.net/blogs/bart/archive/2008/06/07/linq-through-powershell.aspx


[22:32] <+JHofferle-1> ## Any chance we'll be able to use PowerShell scripts for logon scripts...without the "bat file bootstrap"?
[22:32] <+glnsize> ## Was there ever a debate about basing powershel on .NET vs native code?


[22:39] <+esacteksab> ##Questions for winners.  What is your scripting background?  Other language(s)?  Years experience?  Years experience with Powershell?  
[22:39] <+esacteksab> ##Games are over -- what do you wish you had done differently?  

[22:43] <+learn-powershell-1> ## Question about games: Is it known the sort of split between IT Pro and Developers and could you tell that from the style of scripting?


[22:45] <+ChadMiller> ##Ever thought of a single monthly or weekly scripting challenge rather than once a year?



Klaus: Superman

First Computer:

Bartek: C-64
Ed: Osborne 64
Jeffrey: TRS-80

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