Episode 152 – PrimalForms 2011 with Alex and David


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Alex and David from Sapien about PrimalForms 2011


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Buzz from the Chatroom:
[21:47] <jtruman0917> ## PrimalForms is awesome sauce!
[21:48] <@powerscripting> He's SAPIENDavid on twitter
[21:50] <jeffhicks> ##Who is the target user for SAPIEN products?
[21:51] <meson3902> ## Are there plans for a WPF version of PrimalForms (I had to ask.)
[21:54] <jhofferle> ## Will PrimalForms support WPF in the future?
[21:55] <jaykul> ## When will Primalforms support WPF?
[21:56] <jtruman0917> ## Alex do you still do development?
[21:57] <jtruman0917> I like to see a CTO that is actually technical and still active in the technology
[21:59] <jaykul> WPF is .Net 3.0+
[21:59] <@scriptingwife> @Bartek are you awake?
[22:02] <dougfinke> ## Any thoughts on the upcoming Build Conference. Rumors on WPF being "upgraded" to DirectUI etc?
[22:04] <bielawb> ##  I'm admin and I want to use WPF. It looks like Win7 element, so users don't feel like in time machine...
[22:05] <jaykul> ## Speaking of Windows 8 -- do you think PowerShell + WPF or Winforms can develop apps for the new Direct UI?
[22:06] <josh_atwell> #### Primal for iPad?  I need to write scripts on the go! 🙂
[22:08] <jaykul> ## What do you see as the main use of PrimalForms (or, more generally, of administrators building UI in PowerShell)?  Is it asking for input? Showing output (charts, graphs)? Interactive apps (twitter, notepad)?
[22:08] <meson3902> ## Any upcoming changes for the #iOS app?
[22:11] <jeffhicks> ##Does PrimalForms integrate with source control?
[22:17] <esacteksab> ##Will that be ported to Android???
[22:25] <jeffhicks> I have some PrimalForm posts on my blog http://jdhitsolutions.com/blog/?s=primalforms


Computer Alex: Tandy TRS-80
Superhero David: Spiderman, no Hiro! No, Wolverine!




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