UP Next: Show UI with Doug Finke, Joel Bennett and James Brundage


On this week’s show (7/20/11 @ 9:30pm EST right here on Justin.tv!), we’ll be talking to Doug Finke, Joel Bennett and James Brundage to talk about their ShowUI module. Be sure to drop by the chatroom Wednesday so that you can post questions and interact with your fellow PowerShellers!

If you’re not able to join us live, but you have questions you’d like to see answered, please let us know! You can leave comments on this blog post and we’ll weave them into the conversation.

ShowUI: Write-UI -in PowerShell - Home

ShowUI is a PowerShell module to help build WPF user interfaces in script. ShowUI makes the complicated world of WPF easy to use in PowerShell. You can use ShowUI to write simple WPF gadgets, quick front ends for your scripts, components, and full applications.

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