Episode 158 – Phil Haack and Andrew Nurse from Microsoft about NuGet and PSGet

PowerScripting Podcast

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Phil Haack and Andrew Nurse from Microsoft about NuGet and PSGet
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Buzz from the Chatroom:
  • [21:53:07] <cutegirl> Can NuGet be used in place of exported project/item templates in visual studio Resources
  • [21:56:14] <mjl135> ##So Will NuGet be able to keep PowerShell Modules up to date?
  • [21:59:26] <mjl135> ## Doesn’t ‘install-pspackage’ break the naming convention?
  • <mjl135> ## How does the “owner” of an open source powershell module get their module added to the public feed?
  • [22:12:09] <JasonMArcher> ## Is there any thought as to how to handle different types of packages… VS libraries, PowerShell Modules, etc.
  • [22:12:50] <beefarino> ## any chance we’ll see a nuget repository powershell provider?
  • [22:17:46] <beefarino> ## if the goal is to support OSS, why allow private repositories?
  • [22:28:51] <JasonMArcher> ## Can you add contributors to a package, so they could upload new versions?
  • [22:29:22] <beefarino> ## any security concerns with downloading a nuget package?  if vs is running as an admin and installs a package, any chance the package can contain a bomb?
  • [22:30:05] <mjl135> ## Along with Beefarino’s question are the packages signed?
  • [22:34:08] <beefarino> ## any way to have someone’s API key revoked?


Andrew: ScottGu
Phil: Marcy McFly


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