Episode 159 – Tome Tanasovski on Regular Expressions and More


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.
Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Tome Tanasovski on regular expressions, the NYC PowerShell User Group, and more!
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Buzz from the Chatroom:
  • 21:47:07] <ToENuFF> ## Where are the ninjas at?
  • [21:47:22] <mjl135> ## What does get-chumby do?
  • [21:47:26] <StartAutomating> ## Why would any ninja want to know the dark arts of regex?
  • [21:47:30] <Josh_Atwell> ### you can't see them...if you could then you would be dead
  • [21:50:19] <RichPrescott> ## how is babby formed
  • [21:50:20] <mjl135> ## Freebird!!!
  • [21:51:39] <proxb> Still no power at the house so I am in my iPhone irc chat app
  • [21:51:52] <JonWalz> that's hardcore
  • [21:51:58] <DanielCruz> heck yea
  • [22:04:51] <mjl135> ## best feature of -match is using (?<tag>)
  • [22:04:56] <RichPrescott> Anyone have a beginner's beginners guide to Regex?  I'm tired of falling back on select-string instead of using regex.
  • [22:15:07] <mjl135> ## Define look ahead and look behinds
  • [22:15:35] <mjl135> ## How do you do multi line matches in PS RegEx
  • [22:38:45] <ScriptingWife> ##is there a date for next years Techtravaganza

Superhero: Phoenix



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