PSCX 2.1 Beta 1 Available for Download


I just uploaded beta 1 for the PowerShell Community Extensions version 2.1.  This beta drop adds better support for Windows PowerShell V3 that is in the Windows 8 Developer Preview.  There are a number of bug fixes in this drop:

  • 28023 Read-Archive : Cannot bind parameter ‘Path’. Cannot convert the … value of type “System.String” to type “Pscx.IO.PscxPathInfo”.
  • 28198 Test-XML not validating xml against schema correctly
  • 28964 Get-FileTail access conflict
  • 29255 Get-HttpResource Timeout Bug
  • 29598 String – PscxPathInfo ParameterBindingException
  • 30169 Invoke-Ternary example doesn’t work
  • 30921 Invoke-Elevated demands arguments

You can download the beta from here.

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