Episode 166 – Alan Renouf talks PowerCLI


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Alan Renouf about PowerCLI!


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Chatroom Buzz

[21:53:59] <Josh_Atwell> ### ? for Alan...do you think PowerCLI would be as popular without the strong community it has?

[21:59:15] * BartekB blushing like teenage girl

[22:00:55] <JHofferle> ## How big can an environment get before you just *can't* manage it without PowerCLI?

[22:03:30] <JHofferle> ## So vcheck is awesome, what are some other "must-have" scripts?

[[22:12:54] <McShauno> Powershell is the original Siri.

22:13:34] <Josh_Atwell> http://www.vtesseract.com/post/8733987058/vbeers-get-vbeers-function-v2

[22:18:14] <JHofferle> ## When is VMTN coming back?

[22:24:47] <Josh_Atwell> Providing Others With Enterprise Ready Scripts Helping Everyone Lighten Loads

[22:29:02] <BartekB> ## Is PowerCLI a module now? Or would it be in nearest future?

[22:38:42] <Josh_Atwell> ####  Is Onyx still useful? 🙂

The Question

Superhero: Neo

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