Episode 167 – Jason Helmick on Teaching PowerShell


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jason Helmick about learning and teaching PowerShell



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Chatroom Buzz

[22:21:10] <Josh_Coen> get-service | stop-process [Hal: doh, doesn’t work!]

[22:22:07] <Zouleous_> he also mentioned Get-AdComputer | Restart-Computer

[22:26:59] <scriptingwife> http://www.manning.com/jones/

[22:30:31] <scriptingwife> Brian, the other thing you need to know is I am very Happily married to Ed but if you mentioned Don JOnes I light up and brag for two weeks on him

[22:31:17] <cruz_daniel> My wife met him at TechEd, I still hear about it...

[22:31:41] <halr9000> my wife thinks he's hot too...

[22:31:51] <halr9000> "why can't you dress like don?"

[22:31:55] <halr9000> *sigh*

[22:32:52] <scriptingwife> Don could successfullyplay James Bond

[22:32:58] <halr9000> totally

[22:33:03] <halr9000> he can pick up after Craig

[22:33:18] <scriptingwife> He would run Craig out of the country

[22:33:27] <alexandair> Jones, Don Jones 🙂

[22:39:15] <Josh_Atwell> Get-Cmdlet | Where{$_.Type -eq "Magical Candy"}

The Question

Superhero: HELLBOY

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