Episode 169 – Don Jones on PowerShell v3 and Button Monkeys

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A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Don Jones about PowerShell v3 and Button Monkeys!


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Chatroom Buzz

[21:42:08] <JeffHicks> ##What will be the big PS 3.0 feature that will drive people crazy to adopt it?

[21:48:28] <mwjcomputing> ## What is the best cmdlet in v3?

[21:48:30] <DanielCruz> ## Have you found yourself wanting to use v3 features at work? everyday?

[21:48:59] <mwjcomputing> ## Actually… WHat is your favorite v3 cmdlet?

[21:58:02] <mjl135> ## What is the restfull api stuff?  (so out of it)

[22:00:49] <JHofferle> PowerShell *was* about being consistent.

[22:06:36] <JeffHicks> I’d be happy if vendors supplied good help documentation with solid examples

[22:09:05] <vmcutlip> How would you do that. Since the beauty of programming is no one single way to do things. How would you possible grade

[22:12:33] <BartekB> ## do you plan to have several “badges” for different technologies?

[22:12:57] <DanielCruz> ## I referred to Advanced Event 8 from 2011 this week because I needed to strip Exif metadata from a jpeg to import into a “very specific” oracle server.

[22:15:16] <mwjcomputing> ## What is don’s favorite powershell feature?

[22:15:36] <mwjcomputing> ## WHat is the user group day all about?

[22:22:10] <JasonMArcher> I think Devs had an advantage… a key part of our culture is to show off what we have done… so user groups grow easily out of that

[22:22:10] <JasonMArcher> I think Devs had an advantage… a key part of our culture is to show off what we have done… so user groups grow easily out of that

[22:22:44] <DanielCruz> Yes! “PowerShell, it’s Xbox for your OS” -Bartek

[22:23:57] <JHofferle> I’m still telling people to try PowerShell…and hear “nah, I think I’ll just stick with AutoIT”

[22:25:05] <AlexMcFarland> I bought Don’s book for the guys that work for me, trying to get them to take the plunge.  I think it’s hard to do when things are busy and doing it the gui way still feels faster.

[22:28:11] <vmcutlip> Had the pleasure of going to a 5 day Vbscript & WMI class with Don. Really great examples and real life situations. I think I will pick up the Powershell book based on that alone

[22:36:13] <RichPrescott> ## At what point does a brand new admin start moving towards PowerShell?  e.g. Say I’ve never run DCPromo and don’t know the available options.  PowerShell has the options, but if you don’t have them presented to you in an ordered fashion, it can be difficult to grasp.

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