Up Next: Jason Helmick talks about PowerShell in the Real World!


From his site:

Jason Helmick has over 20 years in IT as an enterprise consultant and teacher. He works with many domain specific technologies, however has a passion for PowerShell. Since its initial release, Jason has authored courseware, taught and written articles about PowerShell and its affect on the industry.
Jason teaches with a "Real-world" view and is one of the founding designers of Interface's Hard Hat course series.  The philosophy of the series is learn by solving business problems, not a step-by-step feature crawl. His favorite phrase, "You should be able to do the job on Monday".
Jason, along with Mike Pfeiffer, are the co-founders and co-leaders of one of the top PowerShell user groups known as AZPOSH.​​

You can follow Jason on Twitter: @thejasonhelmick
Be sure to catch the show LIVE tonight at 9:30 PM EST here at live.powerscripting.net!

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