Up Next Jeffery Hicks joins us to talk about PowerShell Fundamentals


This week our guest will be Windows PowerShell MVP Jeffery Hicks to talk about his latest training DVD from Train Signal, Windows PowerShell Fundamentals. Jeff will give us some great tips and techniques for PowerShell beginners, and we'll get his take on PowerShell v3 as well.
-- Update @ 9:08AM --
We forgot that Jeff has an EVEN NEWER and BETTER course out that builds on the previous one. It's all about managing Windows Server with PowerShell and we'll be covering it as well. But you know how our interviews go? They go how you want them to go! If you show up to the live stream and ask us questions about PowerShell fundamentals--that's what we'll talk about. You want to know more about using remoting in an enterprise environment? Come on by and let us know! In fact, feedback of any kind is what we thrive on. Leave comments on THIS POST letting us know what you'd like to hear.
Of course, the show is not the same without YOU, so be sure to join us as we live stream!  The time is this Thursday December 22nd at 9:30 pm EST at our new and permanent live chat location live.powerscripting.net!
Windows PowerShell Fundamentals Training

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