Episode 170 – Jeffery Hicks Manages Windows Server with PowerShell


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeffery Hicks about managing Windows Server with PowerShell


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Chatroom Buzz

[21:53:42] <cmille19> ##Can you explain CIM more

[21:56:00] <vnoob> ####What kind of wine Don?

[21:57:34] <JonWalz> If you are seeing Don Jones you are watching last weeks show and not the live feed

[21:58:12] <ScriptingWife> that goofy little red live button is hard to find sometimes

[21:58:47] <DanielCruz> time travel is not only expensive, but dangerous.

[22:06:19] <Josh_Atwell> ###These are available for Server core right?

[22:12:39] <vnoob> ###What is Jeff drinking? Captain Morgan? 🙂

[22:13:20] <JonWalz> [21:02:42] <JeffHicks> back. Tonight's PowerShell musings brought to you by Fuller's London Porter

[22:21:22] <StartAutomating> ## what parsing tricks would you recommend people use for legacy applications?  ## any other tips for legacy apps?

The Question

Island: Kindle Fire



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