Episode 171 – Listener Call-In


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.
Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we have our first listener call-in show!


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Chatroom Buzz

[22:00:02] <mjl135> Doesn't every city have a bus line that smells like that?

[22:02:38] <Glenn> ## has anyone else noticed a significant performance hit with tab completion on PS3 CTP2?

[22:02:48] <Josh_Atwell> anyone else read Don's book on Toolmaking?

[22:04:33] <DonJones> http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/windows-powershell-scripting-and-toolmaking/17796789

[22:06:54] <mjl135> ## How many people here aren't windows admins that use PowerShell frequently?

[22:06:32] <DonJones> http://www.amazon.com/Windows-PowerShell-Scripting-Toolmaking-ebook/dp/B005P7V85O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1325819186&sr=8-2 Kindle

[22:23:25] <Josh_Atwell> ya know...if this chat room exploded then the PowerShell world would be really hurting a bit.  Just look at that guestlist in the room

[22:27:49] <mjl135> ## The new James Brundage project that looks awesome! http://powershellpipeworks.com/

[22:27:50] <DonJones> Breaking news: Terra Nova not renewed. Screw it, I'm moving to an island.

[22:29:43] <mjl135> Are there any PowerShell chat rooms where people hang out... like this but all the time 🙂

[22:30:50] <jaslanger_> noob question, what is the difference between snapin and module? sorry

[22:33:31] <jaslanger_> For Josh_Atwell - http://www.ratemymullet.com/

[22:34:03] <RichPrescott> Question 1) How do you catch an error that has no exception type?

[22:34:09] <mjl135> Are snappins deprecated in v2 in terms of official MS support

[22:36:21] <mjl135> ## Question:  How do I get the team that manages our servers to enable remoting?  🙂

[22:36:48] <DonJones> Yeah, it's OK to make v4 a dependency. .NET v.latest is essentially the Official Runtime of God, so you might as well. Screw people still running IE6.

[22:37:10] <mjl135> Josh_Atwell I just gave their team lead Steelers tickets 🙂

[22:41:12] <Meson> ## Why is it that people say never use aliases (in demos, scripts, etc.) but they never have a problem using "help"

[22:42:22] <DonJones> @Meson "help" is a function, not an alias

[22:43:13] <Meson> ## Does anyone ever use CredSSP for their remoting?

[22:43:40] <Brian-AKA-Zuul> I've seen CredSSP mentioned, but really have no idea what it is

[23:05:54] <Josh_Atwell> www.vtesseract.com

[23:08:07] <Start-Automating> "Magneto: Too limited"

[23:09:15] <jaslanger_> Powershell, more powerful then Magneto!

The Question

Josh Atwell’s superhero: Dr Manhattan


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