Episode 176 – James Brundage on PowerShell Pipeworks


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to James Brundage about building websites with PowerShell Pipeworks


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Chatroom Banter

[21:55:08] <Vern_Anderson> To the cloud!

[22:01:55] <BSonPosh> I feel so disconnected 😉

[22:02:26] <vNoob> James has a very similar talking style to Don, atleast that how it sounds to me

[22:03:45] <vNoob> Man you guys own a LOT of domains 🙂

[22:05:06] <ScottMoss> fyi Steam has Plants vs. Zombies for 2 bucks.. nice

[22:05:16] <JonWalz> I love that game

[22:25:21] <vNoob> ### sorry if this was already addressed.... But do the sites created and that run posh, handle site load as well as sites made the traditional way

[22:27:50] <Jaykul> ## does it multi-thread request handling?

[22:28:16] <Jaykul> ## does each request run on the same runspace?

[22:28:25] <Jaykul> ## or is it a new runspace every single time?

[22:30:29] <Jaykul> ## Do powershell scripters have to choose between learning web design and ending up with sites that look like yours?

[22:34:42] <Brian-AKA-Zuul> I just watched that movie "The Social Network"...I picture James writing Pipeworks while drunk in a single evening

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[22:37:22] * BSonPosh ([email protected]) joins #PowerScriptingPodcast

[22:38:23] <BSonPosh> my internet is flaky

[22:38:39] <halr9000> BSonPosh we noticed

[22:42:04] <Jaykul> ## Have you done any load profiling?  That is, serving a similar site in asp.net mvc and hitting them each with 200 simultaneous users to see machine load?

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The Question

James needs on his Mission to Mars: a laptop with PowerShell ISE

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