Episode 186- The Scripting Games Winners with Jeffrey Snover and Ed Wilson


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to the Scripting Games 2012 winners Rohn and Lido, as well as Jeffrey Snover and Ed Wilson from Microsoft!


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Guest: Jeffrey Snover, Ed Wilson, Rohn Edwards, Lido Paglia


The Question

Lido’s superhero: Superman

Rohn’s superpower: The Force from Star Wars

Ed’s favorite Sci-Fi movie: Star Wars

Jeffrey’s favorite Sci-Fi movie: Aliens 2

Chatroom Banter

RichPrescottWife: ## Ed, Any thought to doing the Scripting Games as an ongoing monthly series to give people more time to play?

FishTender27: ##Are the challenges still available if I wanted to take a crack at them now that I am not as busy?

Matt__: ##how can I get V3?

ToENuFF: I don't always write scripts, but when I do, I use PowerShell!

JHofferle: "I don't always use a CLI...but when I do...I prefer PowerShell."

alexandair1: ## who is an author of the third one?

jsnover: ### Do Lido and Rohn use the script center?

DonJones: Hi, this is Don Jones - I once wrestled an aligator in order to learn his secrets about PowerShell

Schlauge: ## what tool do Rohn and Lido use to code?  ISE?  Powershell Plus? PowerGUI

RichPrescott: ## ScriptCenter Repository rocks the scripting world.

RichPrescott: ## And I rock it.

JHofferle: Script Explorer http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29101

ScriptingWife: You guys should have lots more sympathy for me now. I live with this 24/7 LOL

FishTender27: ## Ed's got so much energy... how many red bulls a day does he drink?

RichPrescott: ## @Jsnover: Is there any functionality that you wanted added in Windows Server 2012/Win 8, but were unable to see it implemented?  Do you see the community filling the gaps with scripting?

Schlauge: ## why is everyone pushing v3 so much when it's not even offical

ToENuFF: ## Any plans to finish the ISE host so that it meets all of the host reqs?  Start-Transcript, etc

Schlauge: ## my concern is that so much is said that dont use for PROD becuase it may not work later...

ToENuFF: @halr900 @richprescott fairer question:  What are you looking forward to seeing come from the community?

MarkDW_: Will there be a WOA/WindowsRT version of Powershell?

MarkDW_: ## Do you think developers will do Metro apps for Windows Server 2012?

BartekB: ## any chance to move tiles around in server manager?

MarkDW_: ## Please expose the Powershell commands in the new server manager

RichPrescott: ## Any feedback on the Connect item to expose the PowerShell commands being run in Server Manager?

MAC_: ## It seems like there are 3 versions of 2012 Gui remove the gui and core is that the case?

MarkDW_: ## Since server manager is based on Powershell, why not expose the commands that are being run under the covers?

Jaykul: The workaround for long paths is http://poshcode.org/2488

[10:55pm] Jaykul: aka http://huddledmasses.org/downloads/Experimental.IO.zip

sepeck: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/183.windows-powershell-survival-guide-en-us.aspx

JHofferle: ## Do the winners have blogs?

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