Looking for a good tech conference? Try this.


It's called TechMentor. The next one is in August, at Microsoft campus. Yup, in Redmond. The mothership. And, unlike larger shows (like TechEd), you won't be one of 15,000 people crammed into a convention center, fighting for lunch space and getting ignored by speakers. TechMentor's a more "boutique" event, with just a few hundred other IT professionals (and no developers - ew, cooties!). You'll get tons of one-on-one time with expert speakers (like me), and plenty of networking time with your colleagues. And smaller lines for lunches. 

And a trip to the Microsoft Company Store and Museum. Seriously, it'll be a good time.

Use code TMSK6 when you register; that'll get you a $1495 registration price, with is the lowest price they offer on a full 5-day pass (which includes pre- and post-conference workshops). 

Prices go up June 13 and again on June 18, so don't linger too long on this decision - and I hope to see you there.

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