Upcoming PowerShell Books and How to Get Them


My co-authors and I have no less than three new PowerShell books coming out... and a couple of different way to get them.

PowerShell In Depth

This is meant to be a comprehensive, administrator-focused reference on all things PowerShell v3. It's available directly from the publisher as part of their Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). Under that program, you get all available chapters now in PDF format. As new chapters are released, you get those too. When the book is done, you get your choice of ebook format and, optionally, the printed book.

The three authors are also offering a direct pre-order. With this offer, which goes on sale July 1st, you get the print book and ebook in your choice of formats. The book will be autographed by the three of us, and we're including an exclusive video disc full of PowerShell demos, tips, and tricks. Only 200 units will be offered through this pre-order, and each will be hand-numbered. So whoever buys the first order will get the lowest-numbered book! You don't get "early access," though - you'll have to wait until the book is done and printed.


The "Month of Lunches" Books

There are two of these: Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches and Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches. Again, you can get "early access" directly from the publisher through the MEAP program, but you have to buy that separately for each title. The first title is available in MEAP right now. Once the book is published, you get the finished version in ebook and, if you chose, in print.

Jeff and I are also offering a bundle pre-order that includes both books, a resources disc with video introductions from us, a logo lunch bag, and a lunch item (for US orders only). This is a pre-order; you'll get both the physical books and ebook versions, but you have to wait until they're published - there's no early access. Both books will be autographed, and only 100 hand-numbered copies will be offered. This goes on sale August 1st, and the first purchasers get the lowest-numbered copies.

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