Episode 193 – Hemant Mahawar from Microsoft on PowerShell v3 Workflows


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Hemant Mahawar from Microsoft about PowerShell v3 Workflows


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Guests - Hemant Mahawar, Microsoft


The Question -

Superhero: He-Man

Chatroom Banter

ScriptingWife: You all will be so proud. We went ot see Spiderman. AND I loved it.

JonWalz: you said "to release is to ship"

halr9000: aieee

halr9000: doh!

JonWalz: come over to the developer side, we have cookies!

Jaykul: ## Is the workflow endpoint created when you install powershell 3, or when you enable-psremoting?

JuneB: Can I run any command in a workflow?

Vern_Anderson: ## How does it know how to continue or resume even after reboot

Jaykul: ## Have they published examples of using a 3rd party workflow activity?

Vern_Anderson: ## how are variables remembered after a reboot

JuneB: Activity is the unit of work in a workflow

Mike_F_Robbins: “Going forward saying we're not going to use remoting is like saying we're not going to use Ethernet” - Don Jones (TechEd 2012)

JuneB: ## Tell us about Invoke-AsWorkflow

Daniel: ## Are the built-in workflow activities intended be used in PowerShell?


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