[JULY 25 UPDATE] "PowerShell In Depth" Limited Edition Pre-Orders… as they stand…


As most of you know, co-authors Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, and myself are offering a limited edition pre-order of our new PowerShell in Depth book. You can order from my company's online store; you're pre-ordering a book autographed by the three of us and bundled with a disc chock full of demo videos timed by us. This isn't the same as the publisher's MEAP preview - you won't get the book ahead of time. The disc is exclusive to this 200-unit edition, and each book is part of a 400-unit edition and is hand-numbered.

I'll be updating this post every couple of weeks as orders are received, but here's the rundown so far. Names are listed as shown on your PayPal invoice.

(apologies for any typos in names - I'm retyping these manually from the order list)


  1. Annette Ciotola (congratulations - you got #1!)
  2. James Berkenbile
  3. Niels Grove-Rasmussen
  4. Lester Bolton
  5. Lester Bolton
  6. Dennis Olidis
  7. Bruce Langworthy
  8. Luc Dekens
  9. Reinhard Teischl
  10. Kyle Beckman
  11. Brian Pini
  12. HPM Smits
  13. Marlene Poltronieri
  14. Mark Hourshad
  15. David Grams
  16. Brian Foley
  17. David Dov3
  18. Gregory Holl
  19. Steve Gold
  20. Robert Simmers
  21. Charles Palmer
  22. Firoze Bhorat
  23. Bill Bailey
  24. Magnus Andersen
  25. Dennis Yeadon
  26. Imtiazali Hasham
  27. Simon Anderson
  28. Cheryl Fant
  29. Vivek Shinde
  30. Tom Collins
  31. Strategic Technology Consulting
  32. Y M Wong
  33. Joakim Westin
  34. Frederick Alexander
  35. Tong Young
  36. Alan Florance
  37. Jan Engil Ring
  38. Doug Rohm
  39. Adam Uffalussy
  40. Rick Rodriquez
  41. Thomas Mayeda
  42. Ryan Weaver
  43. Chris Carmichael
  44. Allan Miller
  45. Peter Cook
So just about 105 units left. If you don't see your name in the above, then we didn't receive your order via PayPal - and won't have any information for you beyond that. Try placing your order again, and I suggest creating an account with PayPal (which isn't normally mandatory) so that you can track your order.
We don't have a shipping date on these books yet, but once we do we'll start notifying everyone. You'll receive tracking information in the mail from the USPS once we ship - review your spam folders around that time, if necessary.


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