Note: PowerShell Book Limited Edition Preorders ONLY AVAILABLE as Preorders!


Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, and I wanted to offer a quick clarification on our book preorders. First, the PowerShell In Depth preorder is currently available, and there are up to 200 units offered through this preorder. You get a signed-by-all-three-of-us book and an exclusive video companion disc. The Month of Lunches bundle preorder will go on sale August 1st, and will be limited to 100 units. It gets you two autographed books, resources disc, and a fun lunch bag.

These offers will only be valid until the books are actually released. At that time, we'll fulfill all of the preorders and stop further sales. If we only sell 50 units, for example, then that's all that will be sold for that particular title or titles - we won't be offering this on an ongoing basis.

So, if you're thinking you want one of these signed, hand-numbered, limited editions... get on the stick and place your order ASAP. We're working very hard to wrap up production on these books and get them published, especially now that we know Windows 8 / 2012 will RTM in August, so the preorders won't last long. 

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