The New PowerShell Community


Welcome to the new community!
This site represents an evolution of the old (also accessible at We've moved the site off of the old DotNetNuke software, and are now using a combination of WordPress (for community-hosted blogs) and Vanilla 2 (for the forums and for blog comments).
Why the new site? A couple of reasons. For one, we desperately wanted to get out of the DotNetNuke software, which has proven somewhat difficult to work with since none of us are experts with it. We also needed to get the site out of it's home in a Quest datacenter. Quest was awesome for providing that hosting, but they're moving on to bigger and better things, and we wanted to get a bit more control over the site. We also wanted to trim the site down a bit, to focus mainly on providing a blogging platform and aggregation point, and the all-important Q&A forums that folks rely on.

Logging On

Right now, we're starting fresh. You'll need to create a new forums account - but you can do so using Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, or Google - there's no need to make up a new password!


Our forums are empty at present, but we'll be extracting the old forums content and posting it in a static archive for long-term reference. In the meantime, feel free to jump in and start populating the new forums! You'll see that you can ask questions (which you can then mark as answered), or post discussions. We've tried to flatten the forums structure to make it a bit easier to navigate.
We're presently looking for topic-specific experts to host "Ask the Experts" forums. Drop a note in the "Suggestion Box" forum if you're interested. You'd be agreeing to be the primary moderator and responder for a specific topic, as it relates to PowerShell.


If you're looking for a place to host a PowerShell-focused blog, we'd be pleased to provide that to you. Just drop a note in the "Suggestion Box" (in the forums) and we'll get right back to you. Or, contact Don Jones directly. If you already have a high-quality, frequently updated, PowerShell-focused blog, we'd also be happy to include it in our aggregation - again, just let us know in the Suggestion Box.


The community is currently being managed by PowerShell MVPs Don Jones and Kirk Munro. We're not currently putting together a "board" to run the site, since... well, it's just a Web site. What we are looking for - as noted above - are people who want to take ownership of a particular topical "Ask the Experts" forum. By taking a personal stake in this community, those folks will also help manage it by helping us make critical management decisions going forward.


The site is not affiliated with any corporation or organization at present, and we have no plans to create such an affiliation. Don's company, Concentrated Technology, is providing the hosting, in exchange for running the occasional banner ad for Don's PowerShell books, videos, and other resources. We may accept additional advertising over time to help offset operational expenses, but the plan is to run this site as a labor of love.

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