Up Next: Hemant Mahawar from Microsoft talks about PowerShell v3 Workflows!


Hemant Mahawar is a Senior Program Manager in the Windows Server Division. He is responsible for various Windows PowerShell features, that makes the foundation for Automation Platform for Windows Server.
For Windows PowerShell 2.0, Hemant drove PowerShell's remoting capability that allows easy remote managment as well as was responsible for PowerShell's rich API surface. In Windows 8, as part of Windows PowerShell 3.0, Hemant is driving the multi-machine management effort in Windows PowerShell via integration with Windows Workflow Foundation.
Hemant joined Microsoft in 2006 as a Program Manager on the Windows PowerShell team. Hemant holds a Master's and Doctorate degree in Computer Science from the Texas A&M University as well as a Bacholer's in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology. In his spare time, Hemant enjoys spending time with friends and engaging in sports, specially Cricket
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