Want to Contribute?


We're looking for a few good PowerShell contributors! You don't need to be a PowerShell expert in order to make a valuable contribution to this community - there are a number of ways in which you can help.

If you are an expert, consider answer questions in our forums. If you have a specific topical area that interests you - Active Directory, SQL Server, whatever - then we can give you your own topic-specific "Ask the Experts" forum. That's a huge help to the many administrators out there who are trying hard to do their jobs.
We'd also love to have someone moderate different sets of recommendations. We're always asked about book reviews, training reviews, and more - so if that interests you, let us know by dropping a comment in the Suggestion Box (in the forums). We can connect you with publishers so that you can get copies of books, read through them, and then post reviews to benefit the community. Or whatever... you could review tools, training videos, or whatever you like. It's all helpful!
Just let us know how you'd like to contribute, and we'll try and make it happen!

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