Episode 197 – Vaibhav Bhandari about Microsoft Health Vault and HVPosh


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Vaibhav Bhandari about Microsoft Health Vault and HVPosh








Guests - Vaibhav Bhandari



The Question -

Superhero: “Agreeable Man”


Chatroom Banter

Gr8Ideas: @Hal how does this function in the current help zones like Haiti, India, Africa?

justpaul: ## it's for sure that medical records will one day be in the cloud; however, consumer comfort is not to the point where they are willing to trust their personal data in the cloud. I think this is why Google got out

ericcourville: i trust no one with my records

[9:58pm] justpaul: ## (too early) I am curious what Microsoft thinks it is going to take to get people over that fear?

ScriptingWife: I am not thrilled with all the people in the office knowing everything. Let alone out there where things get hacked

[9:59pm] kobeckman: ## any plans for multi-factor authentication for this?

justpaul: on the other hand my/your/our records are all over the place (current doctors, previous doctors, etc) and there is no audit trail to see who is accessing it.

[10:00pm] justpaul: a case could be made that a centralized location *COULD* make things more secure

[10:01pm] Gr8Ideas: ## So you know exactly where I am, every day, every moment and with a band every step I take.

[10:01pm] halr9000: it's scary. It is.

justpaul: ## in the same way that consumers should have access to their personal records, I think they should also have the final say where it is stored. If you were tasked with separating the platform / api from the centralized store, could it be done?




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