Episode 198 – Kirk Freiheit from Symantec on Backup Exec 2012 and their PowerShell module

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Kirk Freiheit from Symantec about Backup Exec 2012 and their new PowerShell module






Guests – Kirk Freiheit



The Question –

Superhero: Iron Man


Chatroom Banter


FishTender27: I am still making my way from epi zero.  I am on 119 now.

backup exec 2012 screenshot: halr9000: http://photos.pcpro.co.uk/images/front_picture_library_PC_Pro/dir_355/it_photo_177904_52.jpg

backup exec 2010 screenshot: halr9000: BE2010: http://www.it-book.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/setup-backup-exec-r2-selections.jpg

JonWalz: I’ve been freebasing Posh man…

Overwatch: i may do some zip here and there… but i do not freebase posh…

Overwatch: unlimited admin power, itty bitty scripting space… Powershell

justpaul: all the power of Microsoft Bob with the user friendlines of UNiX

justpaul: ## Too many times I have arrived onsite to find that the critical lost data was outside of the backup selection. Ho can BEMCLI be used for auditing your data protection?

zouleous: ## can we expect an update that covers the missed functionality or will we have to wait for the next major version of BE?

MikeFRobbins: ## Why isn’t the BEMCLI module installed when you install the management portion on a workstation? It only installs the GUI.

RichPrescott: ## My home lab with Server 2012 DataCenter is bluescreening and stuck in a boot loop.  Can Symantec BE fix that?

Ed.> The answer was “did you back that up?”




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