Event Log Morning Report

The Morning Report script I published earlier this yeas was quite popular. One of the changes I made in it was to skip getting event log entries to speed up the overall process. But I received an inquiry today about how to create the report with only event log information. The only way really is to revise the script.

So I did.

Well, actually I wrote a new script based on the last version. This script, EventlogMorningReport.ps1 works basically the same as the regular morning report except it only gets event log information. Although I added a section to also get audit failures from the Security event log. You run it the same way. You might even want to use a background job.

PS E:\> start-job {get-content computers.txt | c:\scripts\EventLogMorningReport.ps1 -verbose -html | out-file E:\temp\evtlog.htm}

I suppose the better approach would have been to modify the Morning Report script and make each of the different sections optional. And perhaps I’ll address that at some point. But time was tight this morning and it was quicker to simply strip out the bits I didn’t need.

The underlying code hasn’t really changed much so I won’t post it. Feel free to download EventLogMorningReport and give it a spin.

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