PowerShell Summit: Best Conference Deal Ever!

What’s the average tech conference cost these days? $1500? $2000? And that’s just to get in, to say nothing of hotel, air, food, and whatnot.

The PowerShell Summit North America 2013 has an idea. Lets do a community-owned event, with a goal of breaking even and supporting an annual event, but not worry about a profit.

Lets say you live in the US. A ticket to Seattle in April will run you $500-700 after taxes. Maybe less if you can get on a discount carrier like Southwest – they fly to SEA. Hotel will run you under $450 for three nights. Say you decide to splurge on a car for four days, probably for under $200 (including all the ridiculous taxes on rental cars). Toss in another $250 for food? That takes you to under $1600. PowerShell Summit only costs $550 – less if you register during one of the Early Bird tiers; as low us $450, in fact. That’s $2100-2200 total, or just a bit over what some conferences charge for their registration fee alone!

What about quality? Well, you’ll get the same food Microsoft employees get. So that can’t be all bad. You’ll attend sessions delivered by Microsoft product team members, along with independent experts. You’ll interact directly with PowerShell team managers, too, in a small-event format that lets you provide product feedback directly to them. Heck, with under 100 fellow attendees, you’ll get plenty of face time with everyone.

It’s going to be a great event, and it will definitely be affordable. It’s being run by members of the community, not a conference company. This will hopefully become OUR event, an annual gathering of PowerShell enthusiasts, experts, and team members. A chance to network, to learn, to share, and to grow.

I hope you’ll be able to join us!

About Don Jones

Don Jones is a Windows PowerShell MVP, author of several Windows PowerShell books (and other IT books), Co-founder and President/CEO of PowerShell.org, PowerShell columnist for Microsoft TechNet Magazine, PowerShell educator, and designer/author of several Windows PowerShell courses (including Microsoft's). Power to the shell!

5 thoughts on “PowerShell Summit: Best Conference Deal Ever!

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  2. Robert France

    Great Idea Don,

    Though will it only be pitched at US based enthusiasts / Experts.

    After the withdrawal of Deep Dive Powershell, Europe seems to left standing… Asking WT*


    1. DonJ Post author

      That’s why we’re promoting it as “PowerShell Summit North America.” We’d love to do a European event, but need to get our feet underneath ourselves first. These events are incredibly expensive to put on, and we don’t want to overextend. That said, there’s nothing stopping someone else from putting on an event. Microsoft could, for example, continue to partner with Quest to do a Deep Dive event in Europe in 2013. Nobody’s made any announcement one way or another, so I think it’s a bit early to be asking WT* – maybe just give those folks a chance to decide what they want to do.

      Heck, Quest might still do a PowerShell Deep Dive in the US. We don’t know, as we don’t work for them.

    1. DonJ Post author

      We will not be recording sessions, no. The additional cost of doing so isn’t in our budget, and the venue isn’t natively equipped for it. We’re focusing on making the best possible experience for the folks who will be there.

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