Episode 203 - June Blender from Microsoft talks about getting help!

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to June Blender from Microsoft about Getting Help!




Guests - June Blender


The Question -

Super power: The Scripting Guy!


Chatroom Buzz

alexandair: ## when can we expect to see about_ articles for workflows on our boxes?

Vern_Anderson_: ## What's your favorite V3 feature

brwilkinson: ## question for @Juneb how many individual contributors have there been to the help?

Jeff_Hicks: #when will online docs stop being pre-release? Will there be anything different when it is RTM?

Jeff_Hicks: #Who comes up with help examples?

Jeff_Hicks: #is there anyone else writing core cmdlet help with you?

Jeff_Hicks: ##What do you wish you could do with help that isn't there yet?

PowerSchill: ## Is the Cmdlet Help Editor on CodePlex?

Jeff_Hicks: ##Is there a help style guide for other teams writing help? Or perhaps for the community?

alexandair: ## right now updatable help files and help topics on TechNet are not in sync. will that change by GA?

Jeff_Hicks: ##is there a way to download help for a module I don't have, but a server might so that I can update help locally?

Jeff_Hicks: ##for example I have a scheduled job from Win8 to download help. But I want to update help for modules on a Windows 2012 box as well so it can update help locally.

alexandair: ## there are still a lot of formatting issues in online help. should community report that on Connect?


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