Idera's PowerShell Plus Editor Now Free for All

PowerShell for Admins

Idera's gone and made PowerShell Plus free. Given that it's been updated to support PowerShell v3, this will probably become many folks' go-to editor (PowerGUI, the former champ, is more or less out of development and hasn't been updated for v3).
Idera says:

“Idera is dedicated to providing products that help our customers and community members be successful in their jobs,” said Rick Pleczko, CEO of Idera. “PowerShell Plus is a proven and essential productivity tool so we wanted to get it into the hands of IT professionals everywhere. It also complements our sponsorship of the community, which features forums and resources for novice to advanced PowerShell users.”

Idera runs, which features a bevy of Q&A forums and daily "PowerTips." Regarding PowerShell Plus:

PowerShell Plus features a powerful interactive console, an advanced script editor and debugger, and a comprehensive interactive learning center integrated into a single product. It helps administrators and developers quickly learn and master PowerShell, while also dramatically increasing the productivity of expert users. The new version, PowerShell Plus 4.6, has been certified on Windows 8. It includes revised and expanded script libraries for SQL Server and SharePoint 2010. Additionally, the System Explorer now features SQL Server and Share Point 2010 plug-ins that help manage SQL Server instances and SharePoint 2010 farms.

You can read the entire press release, and access the download page, on Idera's Web site.

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