Episode 206 – Michael Niehaus talks about the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Michael Niehaus about the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit!





Guest - Michael Niehaus


The Question -

Superpower: telepathy


Chatroom Buzz

RichP: ## Is MDT going to be migrated to PowerShell in the next release?

RichP: ## Will MDT be simplifying itself by using PowerShell workflows in the future?

lizaoreo: ## Is there a reason to integrate MDT and SCCM? What advantages/disadvantages might be involved?

TallPau1: Now WINPE supports PowerShell, will MDT's VBSCRIPT scripts be moved over to PowerShell at any time?

TallPau1: ##Is there anyway to configure the workbench with PowerShell?

lizaoreo: At work now we're using a MDT2010 deployment solution and are moving to SCCM2012, but the dude in charge is wanting to dump all the MDT stuff and start completely from scratch using nothing from SCCM2012, I'm trying to figure out if that makes sense, or if it's better to keep that MDT integration

RichP: ## Being able to package applications to deploy via MDT is another hole in Microsoft's strategy (Orca doesn't count); is Microsoft planning something to fill that gap?

AaronHoover: ## how do customers balance new v3 features and a solid v2 base with remoting? code to v2 lowest common denominator? or if v2 > v2 script, else v3 script

RichP: ## With the MDT Solution Accelerator being the 'deployment' solution, would it not be your team that releases the 'Format-Disk' cmdlets, etc?

TallPau1: ##will the PowerShell help for MDT be updated? not many examples

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