Episode 207 – Dave Kennedy on security and the Social-Engineer Toolkit


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Dave Kennedy about security and the Social-Engineer Tooklit!






Guest - Dave Kennedy



Chatroom buzz

<1mwjcomputing> I have to say the live demos of SET's PowerShell Attack vectors were amazing the first time I saw them.

16[2012-11-08 21:39:47] <9ScriptingWife> episode 174 22http://powerscripting.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/episode-174-matt-graeber-using-powershell-in-infosec/

16[2012-11-08 21:59:44] <4kobeckman> "Hey, I'm the copier guy."

16[2012-11-08 22:00:01] <1mwjcomputing> PDF Exploits....yum

16[2012-11-08 22:08:10] <5AaronHoover> understatement of the day...

16[2012-11-08 22:09:16] <1mwjcomputing> i think applocker will help the second (fall back) but not the powershell attack

16[2012-11-08 22:09:26] <1mwjcomputing> but i might try that tonight

16[2012-11-08 22:09:58] <1mwjcomputing> pivoting FTW

16[2012-11-08 22:10:19] <4kobeckman> well, it sounds like if you don't have Java, the initial attack fails and then falls back to an executable if I understand correctly

16[2012-11-08 22:10:34] <4ReL1K> yea applocker would stop second attack not first

16[2012-11-08 22:22:53] <9ScriptingWife> BTW last week I said what the carp on Porpoise 🙂

21[2012-11-08 22:28:59] <JonWalz> this cold is messing with my brain

21[2012-11-08 22:29:16] <JonWalz> I can't get my thoughts together. 🙁

16[2012-11-08 22:29:45] <11mwjcomputing> DefCon 18 VIdeo with ReL1K was good!

16[2012-11-08 22:30:04] <11mwjcomputing>  22http://vimeo.com/15540900

16[2012-11-08 22:30:08] <11mwjcomputing> that is the video

16[2012-11-08 22:38:31] <9ericcourville> SANS.org newsletter is a good resource too

16[2012-11-08 21:54:32] <1mwjcomputing> that is what ReL1K gets for talking about the government.

16[2012-11-08 21:54:36] <2GeekJimmy> lol

16[2012-11-08 21:54:37] <1mwjcomputing> lol

16[2012-11-08 21:54:48] <2GeekJimmy> the black helicopters turned on the jammer!

16[2012-11-08 21:54:56] <2GeekJimmy> **dons tinfoil hat**

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