PhillyPoSH 11/01/2012 meeting summary and presentation materials


  1. TJ Turner gave a demonstration of how to bring Server 2012 Core:
    1. To Minimal Server
    1. To Full GUI
    2. Back down to Core again.
    3. A copy of his slide deck is available here
  2. Lido Paglia gave a demonstration on how to bring a fresh Server 2012 Core install to a functional domain member server using PowerShell commands. A copy of his command outline is available here
  3. Script Club :
    1. John Mello presented his script that generates an email listing all ActiveSync devices that haven't synced in a specified period. A copy of his script is available here
  4. Various other information worth mentioning.
    1. Only the Hype-V MMC was updated in Server 2012, No other MMCs were upgraded and no new ones will created going forward.
    2. Core Configurator for Server 2008 and 2008R2 has been replaced by the Minimal Server Interfacein 2012. Though it is unconfirmed if Core Configurator for 2008 and 2008 R2 won't work for 2012
    3. Sconfig is also recommended in place of Core Configurator
    4. The following resources and link were recommended during the meeting
      1. PowerShell Cheat Sheets/Quick Ref Cards:
        1. Additional cheat sheet links:
      2. PowerShell Plus from Idera is now FREE:
      3. Two WMI cheat sheets from WMI team:
      4. Free Creating HTML reports in Windows PowerShell by Don Jones
        1. On the same page is the book Learn PowerShell 3 in a Month of Lunches, which is highly recommended.

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