What To Do If You Don’t Score a PowerShell Summit Ticket

As I write this, we’re down to one ticket for the PowerShell Summit North America 2013. So what do you do if you really wanted to go, but miss that last, golden ticket?

Cry a Little

Let’s face it, this was totally avoidable. It’s probably your boss’ fault for not approving the expense, and so some subtle retribution may be in order. Burn the coffee for a week. Reboot domain controllers randomly. You know, just sulk.


But all is not lost. You can still go through the registration process and get on the wait list. You won’t have to pay any money. If a slot opens up, you’ll be notified via e-mail from EventBrite, and have 24 hours to purchase the ticket. If you don’t buy it within 24 hours, you’ll go to the bottom of the list and the next person will be offered the ticket. There’s a solid chance that at least a few top waitlist spots will be filled; I know we have a couple of tentative attendees, and we have a couple of volunteers who’ve said they’d give up their spot (but continue to help out at the event) if it came down to this.

Plan Ahead

Our 2014 event will go on sale in April, 2013, during the 2013 event. Don’t miss it next time! Start getting the boss on board in advance, like maybe in February or March. We know the cost is going to be higher next time – we’re going to try and move to an actual conference center, and that’s just a bit more expensive. We also need to do a better job of fully reimbursing speaker expenses, which we might not be able to do 100% this time. But we’re still going to try and keep things as close to our cost as possible.

About Don Jones

Don Jones is a Windows PowerShell MVP, author of several Windows PowerShell books (and other IT books), Co-founder and President/CEO of PowerShell.org, PowerShell columnist for Microsoft TechNet Magazine, PowerShell educator, and designer/author of several Windows PowerShell courses (including Microsoft's). Power to the shell!