Friday Fun – Get Happy Holiday

Today’s Friday Fun is my version of a script originally posted a few years ago by The PowerShell Guy. I’ll list the code but you really need to run it to enjoy it.

#requires -version 2.0

#This must be run from the PowerShell console. NOT in the ISE.

#this is based on a script originally posted by The PowerShell Guy

$Greeting = "$([char]14) **Happy Holidays** $([char]14)"

Write-host "`n"
$Peek = " ^ "
$tree = "/|\"
$i = 20
$pos = $host.ui.rawui.CursorPosition
#adjust to center the display
$offset = ($host.ui.rawui.WindowSize.Width - 72)/2

write-host -fore 'red' ($peek.PadLeft($i-1).PadRight(36) * 2)
write-host -fore 'green' ($tree.PadLeft($i-1).PadRight(36) * 2)

1..16 | Foreach {
    #build out the tree
    $tree = $tree -replace "/(.*)\\",'//$1\'
    write-host -fore 'green' ($tree.PadLeft($i).PadRight(36) * 2)

write-host -fore 'green' ("|||".PadLeft(19).PadRight(36) *2 )
write-host -fore 'green' ("|||".PadLeft(19).PadRight(36) *2)

$rect = New-Object System.Management.Automation.Host.Rectangle
$ = $pos.y
$rect.Right = 70
$rect.Bottom = $pos.y + 19
$buffer = $host.ui.rawui.getbuffercontents($rect)
#random number object
$R = new-object system.random
$ball = new-object System.Management.Automation.Host.BufferCell
$ball.backgroundColor = $host.ui.rawui.BackgroundColor

1..150 | ForEach {
    sleep -Milliseconds 100
    #get a random position
    $rx = $r.Next(19)
    $ry = $r.Next(70)

    #define a collection of figures to be used as ornaments
    $ornaments = '@','*','#',":"
    #get a random ornament
    $ball.Character = Get-Random $ornaments
    $ball.ForegroundColor = $

    if ($buffer[$rx,$ry].Character -eq '/') {$buffer[$rx,$ry] = $ball}
    if ($buffer[$rx,$ry].Character -eq '\') {$buffer[$rx,$ry] = $ball}

#write the greeting centered
$pos.y = $pos.y + 22
$pos.x = 36 - (($Greeting.Length)/2)

Write-Host $Greeting -Fore 'red'

This is probably the epitome of PowerShell fun: not practical in any way but still done with PowerShell. Enjoy.

Download Get-HappyHoliday

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