3 Updated Free PowerShell eBooks in January 2013!

PowerShell for Admins

I've been working to update my three free PowerShell ebooks for this month:

  • Secrets of PowerShell Remoting
  • Creating HTML Reports in PowerShell
  • Making Historical and Trend Reports in PowerShell

The updated versions will be made available to subscribers of the PowerShell.org TechLetter on January 15th. If you're not already signed up to receive this, you can sign up right now. The January issue will also feature a walkthrough article of how I started creating a new, better ConvertTo-HTML command, which gets used in the ebook on HTML reporting. Going forward, I'll be making updated ebooks available primarily through the TechLetter.
If you're not a subscriber and don't want to be, well fine. I'll just take my ball and go play in someone else's sandbox. Kidding <grin>. I'll post the updates at the end of January. However, right now access to the books still requires a subscription to the newsletter, although you can immediately unsubscribe if you want to. I had to put that "hurdle" in the way because we were losing a ton of bandwidth to people direct-linking the download files. Mostly from China, for some reason. You're welcome to host the files on your own server, if you want to (they're licensed for that), but bandwidth costs me money, so I'm trying to conserve a bit.
Anyway, keep an eye out for the TechLetter in your inbox on Jan 15th. Check those spam filters, and make sure [email protected] is in your address book, so that your mail server will know it's a legitimate sender.

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