Convert PowerShell Object to Hashtable Revised

squarepatternA while back I posted an advanced PowerShell function that would take an object and convert it to a hashtable. The premise was simple enough: look at the incoming object with Get-Member to discover the property names then create a hashtable with each property name as a hashtable key. I’ve a need to use this over the last few weeks and realized the function could use a little updating.

The new version works like the old, with the addition of one new parameter. I decided I wanted a way to exclude properties from the hashtable. Of course this presumes you know in advance about the object you are working with and what properties you wish to exclude. This is the core segment of code, which has also been revised over version 1.

#go through the list of names and add each property and value to the hash table
$names | ForEach-Object {
    #only add properties that haven’t been excluded
    if ($Exclude -notcontains $_) {
        #only add if -NoEmpty is not called and property has a value
        if ($NoEmpty -AND -Not ($inputobject.$_)) {
           Write-Verbose "Skipping $_ as empty"
        else {
           Write-Verbose "Adding property $_"
    } #if exclude notcontains
    else {
       Write-Verbose "Excluding $_"
} #foreach

In the first version I was duplicating some code and I generally try to avoid that. In this snippet $names is the collection of property names and $Inputobject is the piped in object. Armed with this tool I can create hashtables from objects with just the properties I want.

PS Scripts:\> $h = get-service spooler | ConvertTo-HashTable -NoEmpty -Exclude CanStop,CanPauseandContinue
PS Scripts:\> $h

Name                           Value
—-                           —–
ServiceName                    spooler
ServiceType                    Win32OwnProcess, InteractiveProcess
Name                           spooler
DisplayName                    Print Spooler
MachineName                    .
Status                         Running
ServiceHandle                  SafeServiceHandle
DependentServices              {Fax}
RequiredServices               {http, RPCSS}
ServicesDependedOn             {http, RPCSS}

This version should work in PowerShell 2.0 or 3.0. Download ConvertTo-Hashtable2.

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