Planning the PowerShell Summit North America 2014

PowerShell for Admins

We're already planning for the 2014 Summit... you have to get way out in front of these things to secure space, plan a budget, and more.
Here's what we know:

  • We'll definitely still be in the Seattle metro area. That's the best way to ensure participation from the PowerShell team, since it doesn't require them to leave town for days at a time.
  • We'll be in April 2014. We're going to try for April 14-16 to avoid Easter, or April 28-30.
  • We'll be in a bigger venue. We hope to support a crowd of up to 300, although we're still aiming for a smaller group. That'll give us more flexibility in session planning, along with the possibility of on-site evening events.
  • We will open up early bird ticketing for 2013 alumni the week of April 29-May 3. 50 tickets will be available. If there are any of those tickets left after May 3, they'll be offered to the public May 6 through 10. Any remaining early bird tickets will be converted to full-price tickets after May 10, when general sales will begin. Early bird pricing will be in the $650 range. Full pricing will be around $850. This is more than 2013, but will help us (a) fully reimburse speaker travel expenses, which we couldn't do in 2013, (b) pay for the larger conference venue, (c) offer a full hot breakfast every day and beverages throughout the day, and (d) allow for bussing to the event venue (see below). Early Bird tickets will be fully refundable until the end of 2013.
  • We are going to try and hold a percentage of our full-price tickets for release in January 2014. That way, people who can't get budget until the year-of will still have a shot at tickets. This will be a small block of tickets, though - probably less than 30 - so if you can get budget to buy your tickets in 2013, do it.
  • We will offer bussing from one hotel complex to the event venue in the mornings, with return busses at night. It will be crucial that you book your hotel as soon as possible once we announce, so that you can lock in a room. This can help eliminate the need for a rental car, and lower your trip expenses. At least one hotel option at around $100-$110 a night will be offered, although it may be a limited room block. For folks in the US, you should be able to attend for about $2,000 including air, hotel, and registration. Add in dinners (which we don't provide) and you should be able to attend for under $2500 including expenses. Not bad!

As you can see, we're still trying to keep things as affordable and accessible as possible, in keeping with the nature of a community-owned event. We're also trying to build this event into one that can support itself and continue to grow.
I know a lot of folks who wanted to come in 2013 missed out... so that's why I'm giving you as much heads-up as possible. Start getting the boss on board. Get purchasing on board. Start planning to have the credit card ready in April 2013. We'll get as many folks as we can into the 2014 Summit!

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