Select-String–information on matching files


Following on from yesterday’s post this is the second question:

Since I’m recursively searching thru files to find matching phrases, how can I obtain other directory service information about the matching files file(s) – this is more of a methodology technique question because I realize there are multiple ways of achieving this?

You could do something like this

foreach ($find in Select-String -Path c:\test\*.txt -Pattern “\A\w{5}ABCD” -List){
Get-ChildItem -Path $find.Path

Run the Select-String as before but only get the first match in each file.  Use foreach to access the match information and use the Path property to feed into Get-ChildItem.

If you want things to be a bit simpler – break it down to:

$finds = Select-String -Path c:\test\*.txt -Pattern “\A\w{5}ABCD” -List
foreach ($find in $finds){
Get-ChildItem -Path $find.Path

Alternatively if you want the PowerShell one-liner approach try

Get-ChildItem -Path  (Select-String -Path c:\test\*.txt -Pattern “\A\w{5}ABCD” -List).Path

Personally I would probably go for the simple approach

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