PowerShell.org Forums Etiquette

Tips and Tricks

Folks often ask for some advice on what to do, and what not to do, in the forums. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Don't apologize for being a "noob" or "newbie" or "n00b." There's just no need - nobody will think you're stupid, and the forums are all about asking questions. Just ask.
  2. Try to avoid using obscure or punctuation aliases (like ? and %) - use command names instead. It makes your post easier for everyone, including n00bs, to follow.
  3. Use the CODE or POWERSHELL buttons in the forums editor to format PowerShell and other code.
  4. If your problem is solved, find the little green checkmark button along the top of your message (or one of the replies; it's near the Twitter and Facebook and other buttons), and click it. That helps indicate to everyone else that you found a solution.
  5. Don't post massive scripts. We're all volunteers, and we don't have time to read all that, nor will we copy, paste, and run it. Post an excerpt, and clearly state what you're having problems with.
  6. Post error messages, as appropriate. They help.
  7. Don't ask folks to provide you with a complete script, or to rewrite your script. Again, we're all volunteers - respect that we're taking time to help you, and help us minimize that time.
  8. Try to ask just one question at a time. Posts with ten questions are a lot harder to help with.
  9. DO post what you've tried, what errors you got, and what didn't work. It's a lot easier, sometimes, to correct what you've already done than to try and write something from scratch.
  10. If you've been given a working solution, SAY THANK YOU! Then make sure you know WHY it works... and ask for an explanation if you don't!
  11. Take the time to educate yourself. Pick up a book, or a training video, or take a class, or attend a conference. Yes, those take time - but it's time well-spent. If you're continually asking other people to spend time answering questions that are already answered in every book, video, course, etc.... well, that's kinda wasting their time, right? Folks on the forums can help you more effectively if you have a base education first.

Have your own etiquette suggestions? Drop 'em in the comments!

2 Responses to " PowerShell.org Forums Etiquette "

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If everyone was an expert at this, Don and Jeff would be out of a job…

  2. Clum09 says:

    I used to be able to post PowerShell question in this Forum before. I am not able to find a place where I can post my question any more.
    Can I still post PowerShell question here? If I can, where and how can I post my questions?