Winter Scripting Camp Opened to the Public

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Everything's been going pretty smoothly, so we've decided to open Winter Scripting Camp to everyone! Read everything below carefully for the best camping experience!

Scripting Camp is a precursor to the Scripting Games, which will kick off in late April. During Camp, you'll have the opportunity to participate in two events. We aren't offering any prizes, but we will announce winners in the blog, on Twitter, and so on. Camp is really a way for us to kick the tires on our new software platform.
If you want to participate, here's how:

  • Start by visiting the Games home page. There, you'll find our competitor's guide, which includes best practices and scoring information. You'll also find instructions for providing feedback. Be sure to check back there frequently, as it's also where we'll be posting news and updates.
  • You will need a Microsoft Live account in order to sign-in and participate.
  • Visit to join in.

The first event runs Feb 1 to Feb 5; the second Feb 8 to Feb 12. You get one submission per entry, so make it count, and make sure it's in on time.
The new platform isn't entirely feature-complete, but you should be able to get in and see your event, along with your scores from our judges. For Camp, we aren't committing to doing multiple scores per entry - again, this is mainly about testing the software.
We are definitely interested in your feedback. For example, the schedule reflects that of the actual Games. Unlike prior years, we will be having non-overlapping events. You'll have about five days to review the event details and submit an entry - better reflecting the time pressures of a production environment. There will be a discussion forum on for your feedback - please let us know what you think!

2 Responses to " Winter Scripting Camp Opened to the Public "

  1. Chris Davis says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait!

  2. Brandon Boyd says:

    Saw this a little late but I’m game for part two!