Announcing Winter Scripting Camp Winners

Scripting Games

I know, this took forever. Mea culpa. I've been working my shell off, and finally got around to pulling the info.

Beginner Track

  1. Wouter Beens (4.667)
  2. Laurel Raven (4.5)
  3. Chris Davis (4.5)

Advanced Track

  1. Alexander Kuzin (4.5)
  2. Lido Paglia (4.5)
  3. (anonymous) (4)

Those are the average scores from those entries, and in case of a tie we broke it by submission timestamp. Things will be working a bit differently in the actual Games, coming your way in April, so stay tuned. In fact, you can subscribe to a specific topic for Scripting Games announcements, if you like.

2 Responses to " Announcing Winter Scripting Camp Winners "

  1. Matt Salamon says:

    Can we see our scripts /scores to look over any judges comments to help us?

    • DonJ says:

      We’re not going to have that ability from Scripting Camp, no – but we will for the full Games. We didn’t have the judges making many comments because we knew we wouldn’t be able to share them. In the real Games, the commenting will be much more important – it’s something that will be a big focus in fact.