Friday Fun PowerShell Puzzlers

letterjumble This week’s Friday Fun is a short PowerShell puzzler which I hope you’ll have some fun with and maybe even lead you to look something up and how knows what that might lead to! The following scrambled terms are all PowerShell related. The ones asterisked are PowerShell 3.0 related, but you’ve probably heard about the concept even if you aren’t running 3.0. I hope you had a great week so take a few minutes to have a little fun.

Unscramble the following words:

1. saila
2. swanm
3. oldeum
4. bestjcop
5. pinepile
6. lorwokwf*
7. diverwig
8. tramapeer
9. vipersons
10. secmission*

Stumped? Download the answers. If you like this sort of thing, be on the look out for the Dr. Scripto Funbook at TechEd North America.