PhillyPoSH 03/07/2013 meeting summary and presentation materials


  1. John Mello gave a brief overview of the history of the Scripting Games and an overview of the beginner events from the 2013 Winter Scripting Camp. A copy of his presentation and 2013 Winter Scripting Camp submissions can be found here.
  2. Lido Paglia gave an overview of the advanced events from the 2013 Winter Scripting Camp in addition to doing an in-depth review of Don Jones’ Winter Scripting Camp Post Mortem. A copy of his 2013 Winter Scripting Camp submissions can be found here.
  3. Various other information worth mentioning:
    1. Group member Greg Martin presented a problem he ran into creating a COM object in PowerShell to hold an instance of Internet Explorer which he would then use to open a page. Stepping through the script worked fine, but running the script failed.  The issue was that the object would more often than not be blank when he tried to reference it. The group offered some
      suggestions and ideas to work around the issue which later helped Greg find the root cause. A breakdown of the problem and final solution can be found on Greg’s Blog
    2. Need help making sure your script is not using aliases? Take a look at Jeff Hicks convert to Alias function!
    3. Following up on Lido Paglia’s discussion of Don Jones’ Winter Scripting Camp Post Mortem, here is a list of approved verbs and naming conventions for PowerShell directly from Microsoft:
    4. The PowerShell Mississippi User Group is offering a series of online meetings every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 8:30PM CST for the rest of 2013. The speaker line-up is an impressive who’s who of PowerShell MVPs!
    5. Check out the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack, which contains over 800 scripts in 10 different modules. For example :
      1. ISE shortcuts
      2. Task Scheduler
      3. PowerShell Image manipulation
      4. And many more!
  4. Post Meeting announcement
    1. Lido Paglia came in 2nd place in the 2013 Winter Scripting Camp! Give him a high five next time you see him!

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