Up Next: Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz!


This Thursday (at 9:30 EST) we're pleased to have Jeremy Moskowitz (@jeremymoskowitz) on the show! Jereey is a long-time speaker, author, trainer and expert around group policy, and this week we'll see what he has to say about PowerShell! We hope you can make it for the live chat which you can find at live.powerscripting.net.
Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP is chief Propeller-Head for Moskowitz, Inc and GPanswers.com. He runs GPanswers.com, and WinLinAnswers.com, two community forums to help answer people's tough questions about Group Policy and Windows/Linux integration. Since becoming one of the world's first MCSEs, Jeremy has performed Windows NT, Active Directory, Group Policy, and Windows / Linux integration planning, training and implementation for some of the world's largest organizations. Jeremy is one of only twelve Microsoft Group Policy MVPs in the world, and the only one who teaches full time. He has delivered technical presentations at some of the world's largest conferences including REDMOND Magazine's TechMentor, Windiws IT Pro Magazine's Windows Connections, TechTarget's Windows Decisions, NetPro's Directory Experts Conference, and IIR Sweden's Enterprise Server Summit. He is the noted author of seven books on Windows. His smash hit is entitled Group Policy, Profiles, and IntelliMirror for Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows XP is on desks of administrators around the world and has been updated several times. His hands-on, intensive group policy training has been attended by many of the world's leading companies. Jeremy is a frequent contributor to TechNet Magazine, REDMOND Magazine and Windows IT Pro Magazine and has additionally written for BackOffice Magazine, Windows PRO Magazine, Online Training Magazine, PC Magazine, Element-K Professional Journals, BYTE.COM and was a columnist for ENT Magazine. Jeremy is a featured expert on the Microsoft Windows XP Expert Zone and is the Featured Group Policy Expert for TechTarget.com.

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