2013 Scripting Games Judges

As described in the 2013 Scripting Games Competitors’ Guide, our expert judges this year will not be awarded numeric scores. Frankly, folks seem more interested in having their entries peer-reviewed than just getting a number – and why not? Expert review is a great way to learn! Unfortunately, there aren’t enough judges in the world to review all the entries we’ll receive, so our judges will be picking their own “best and worst” lists, and commenting on those (taking care to not reveal authors’ names, as much as possible).

Our judges will be blogging either here on PowerShell.org, or on their own blogs; we’ve asked them to all at least post links here at PowerShell.org so that you can find their write-ups. You can use the Judges’ Notes blog category to find their posts – and hopefully learn something!

This year’s judges (in no special order, other than this is how they’re in my address book for some reason):

  • Jan Egil Ring
  • Jonathan Medd
  • Bartek Bielawski
  • Sean Kearney
  • Richard Siddaway
  • Mark Schill
  • Art Beane
  • Jason Helmick
  • Ed Wilson
  • Oliver Lipkau
  • Glenn Sizemore
  • Tobias Weltner
  • Boe Pox
  • Bhargav Shukla

Thanks so much to these folks – they’re going to be donating a LOT of time to review entries, pick out ones they love, point out ones that could use improvement, and above all tell us why so that we can all learn to do better.

The idea is to have a diversity of opinions. Multiple judges may latch on to the same entries and offer differing advice – and that’s awesome, because it helps us all develop new approaches, and understand that in PowerShell there are very few “one, right ways” to do anything.

The Games begin April 22nd!

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