2013 Scripting Games' Mighty Panel of Celebrity Judges

Scripting Games

As revealed in the 2013 Scripting Games Competitors' Guide, the 2013 Games will invite the community in general to award numeric votes for entries. Our expert judges will instead focus on commentary, helping make the Games into an even better learning experience. They'll be commenting without revealing competitors' names, and even if you don't recognize your entry in their comments, you'll hopefully find plenty to learn from.

Our top prizes, however, will be awarded by a Mighty Panel of Celebrity Judges. They'll review all the other judges' top picks, stack-rank them, and through some Ingenious Number Crunchingâ„¢ award the top prizes.
Bet you'd like to meet the judges.

  • Don Jones (that's me) is a Windows PowerShell MVP Award recipient, author of bazillions of books, and one of the most well-known PowerShell educators out there.
  • Jeffery Hicks is also a PowerShell MVP, has also written gobs of books, and does more than a little PowerShell education here and there.
  • June Blender is a former PowerShell team member (who wrote the Get-Help help), still a big PowerShell enthusiast, and has spent a ton of time figuring out how people learn to use the shell.
  • Ed Wilson is the Scripting Guy, and needs absolutely no more introduction than that. He's single-handedly kept scripting alive, and helps us all learn every day with the "Hey, Scripting Guy!" blog.
  • Jon White - As a member of the PowerShell feature team since its inception, Jon  was the first person in the world to write a production PowerShell script.
  • David Simmons is a proud new member of the PowerShell team, but follower within Microsoft since its early days, and has been involved since the 1980’s outside of and within Microsoft in development of hi-performance dynamic languages and their runtime engines including various JavaScript engines.

Finally, this year we're proud to bring a member of the community on board as a judge. Selected from the top posters in the PowerShell.org forums, I bring you...

Jakub Jareš (nohandle in the forums), who lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

Meet him in his own words:

Since 2008 he works for Trask solutions a.s. as a system engineer focused on Microsoft desktop operating systems. He enjoys competition and solving problems that everyone else gave up on. Jakub is pretty new to the PowerShell language and the community, he is scripting roughly a year, but during that time he spent all of his free time and energy learning to unleash the power in PowerShell. He is a member of the PowerShell.org, Powershell.com forums, guest writer on PowershellMagazine.com and blogs on PowerShell.cz.

Welcome, Jakub! This just goes to show that the PowerShell community truly is a diverse one that's constantly growing. I hope everyone will be excited about grading the entries we'll get for each event, and showing your support for your fellow competitors.
The Games commence on April 22nd, 2013!