2013 Scripting Games Schedule

Scripting Games

Registration for the 2013 Scripting Games will begin April 22nd (check this post in case we need to make a change to that). You will register for either the Beginner or Advanced track.

Each event will kick off on a Thursday, which is when you will be able to download the event details in a PDF file. You will have until the end of the following Monday to upload your one and only entry. Please pay attention to the time zone information displayed on the Web site so that you don't misunderstand when the event starts and stops!
The dates in this schedule refer to 00:00 hours, GMT, on the date given. So "April 25" means "00:00 hours on April 25, GMT," or just as the clock ticks from April 24 to April 25 GMT. This is especially important for the end time - "April 30" means "as soon as it stops being April 29, GMT."

  • Event 1 starts April 25, ends April 30. Voting runs April 30 to May 7.
  • Event 2 starts May 2, ends May 7. Voting runs May 7 to May 14.
  • Event 3 starts May 9, ends May 14. Voting runs May 14 to May 21.
  • Event 4 starts May 16, ends May 21. Voting runs May 21 to May 28.
  • Event 5 starts May 23, ends May 28. Voting runs May 28 to June 4.
  • Event 6 starts May 30, ends June 4. Voting runs June 4 to June 11.

For each event, you get to upload one and only one entry - and once uploaded, you may not change, revise, correct, or alter your entry.
In each case, our commenting judges will be asked to post comments during the voting period following each event. Our celebrity judges will announce the top winners for each event about one week after the voting period ends. We will post those announcements right here.
Tuesday morning after the event closes, the event opens for public viewing, which is when people can vote on your entry and our judges can comment. Voting runs for one week following event close (Tuesday to Tuesday).
Remember: Even if you're not competing, you can vote on other people's entries. Voting is one of the best ways to win prizes in the Games this year, as each vote counts as a "raffle ticket" to one of our many prizes.
Registration and all other URLs will be prominently posted on the 2013 Scripting Games Home Page.

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