Forums Migration Schedule


Here’s the schedule for our Forums migration:
From Now until May 4th, the old forums will remain online and in-use. However, you should consider creating an account here on the “new” site (distinguishable by the different visual theme). Your new account will have no connection to the old one, and may be a Twitter, Facebook, Live, or other login. To create an account, just click “Login” at the top-left of any site page (in the dark gray toolbar).
On May 4th we will activate the new forums. From then on, the Forums menu link will go there. The old forums will remain available at You can continue to use the old forums to wrap-up old topics, or if the new ones stop working for some reason.
On May 13th we will shut down the old forums and direct everyone to the new ones.
By May 20 we will have migrated the content from the old forums into the new ones. These will be imported as static threads that are closed for new messages, but they’ll still be searchable.

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