Friday Fun PowerShell Commands by Noun

One of PowerShell’s greatest strength’s is discoverability. Once you know how, it is very easy to discover what  you can do with PowerShell and how. One reason this works is because PowerShell commands follow a consistent verb-noun naming convention. With this in mind, you can see all of the commands organized by noun.

get-command -CommandType cmdlet | sort noun,verb | format-table -group noun

This will work in both v2 and v3.

get-command-noun-01In PowerShell 3.0, this will display commands from all modules, even those not currently loaded. If you want to limit your display to only those modules currently imported use this:

get-command -CommandType cmdlet -ListImported | sort noun,verb | Format-Table -group noun

Or you can use this same idea to organize cmdlets in a specific module.

get-command -mod hyper-v | sort Noun,Verb | format-table -group Noun

get-command-noun-02Now that you know what you can do, go forth and do it!